ME-Synapse LAN Ethernet “docking station”

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Ethernet “docking station” ME-Synapse LAN

All current ME DAQ and control boards now also for ethernet/LAN

PC plug-in cards – even in the industrial CompactPCI or PXI form factor – have a small disadvantage for some applications: they are directly installed in the controlling PC whilst the measuring location is often remote in a production hall or another building on the site. This problem can now be resolved very easily and practically with the ME-Synapse LAN (ME-1-LAN) from Meilhaus Electronic.

The ME-Synapse LAN is a converter for the 3 HE CompactPCI to ethernet/LAN. With this “docking station” all current CompactPCI boards from the Meilhaus Electronic ME series can be used in an ethernet. The ME-Synapse LAN has a robust metal housing. The ethernet port and 2 slots for the DAQ and control boards are located on the front. The power supply (range 9…30 V) is connected to the rear via plug-in phoenix terminals. Two display LEDs and 10 A mini-fuses, as used in cars, are also located here. The choice of CompactPCI standard as a basis was made for its rugged and standardised mechanics. The boards can be assembled easily and are supported safely. As an option, the complete device can also be assembled in 19” systems.

The ME-synapse LAN can be as easily installed as users of ethernet devices are accustomed to be the case. At the same time, the device offers the familiar long life and flexibility of other Meilhaus Electronic DAQ boards. This is possible as a result of the new, intelligent ME-iDS driver system. It enables ME boards to be addressed that have been installed on a computer connected via a TCP/IP network. For the programmer it is irrelevant whether he controls a PCI or a CompactPCI board or whether he accesses a CompactPCI board in the ME-Synapse LAN via the ethernet. Boards that are installed on another PC on the ethernet network can also be programmed. This also means that the ME-Synapse is ideally suited to ethernet – PCI – CompactPCI/PXI, and Windows Linux “cross-platform projects”. The full plug-in, function and software combatibility between PCI, PXI/CompactPCI, and LAN is retained.

The ME-Synapse LAN is offered as a package with a choice of ME DAQ boards. All of the required software is supplied as standard.

ME-Synapse LAN (ME-1-LAN)


me-synapse (JPG)

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