Mass Flow Feeder

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PEBCO® Mass Flow Feeder

Description and Operation:

The PEBCO® Mass Flow Feeder is a controllable high-capacity gravity feeder for relatively coarse granular materials. The feeder consists of a mass flow hopper with two (2) movable sides. The discharge rate is controlled by synchronous rotation of the two (2) movable sides. The flow rate is a function of the discharge opening width and the slope of the blades. Minimum flow rate is limited by the opening width at which the material arches across the opening. Turndown rates of 10 to 1 can normally be expected.

At a specific setting the Mass Flow Feeder discharges consistently with little variation. The rate varies with different materials and their flow properties. We recommend that the field engineer develop a field measured discharge rate curve for operators’ use. The Mass Flow Feeder may be controlled manually or interconnected with a belt scale and programmable controller for automatic control.

In most cases, the Mass Flow Feeder is capable of discharging at rates which greatly exceed belt capacity. Mass Flow Feeders generally handle flow rates from a single discharge point from 1,000 tons per hour to 10,000 tons per hour.

The Mass Flow Feeder discharges a continuous rectangular stream of material the same size as the discharge opening. The PEBCO® Mass Flow Feeder should be centered on the reclaim belt with the movable blades parallel to the belt. This allows the opening to be longitudinally aligned with the belt, producing a standard material profile on the belt. PEBCO®s Double Bladed Mass Flow Feeder has been successfully employed in numerous applications.

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