Mass flow feeder

Takaharu Sakata
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Mass flow feeder from Yoshikawa Corporation, a leading feeder manufacturer in Japan.

Our rich experience as a manufacturer in the powder and bulk solid industry since founded in 1947 has made it possible to introduce a sophisticated feeder that realizes a perfect mass flow( plug flow). Mass flow feeder with unique but simple mechanical structure promises a continuous feeding of difficult-to-handle materials like titanium dioxide, pigment , glass fiber for example with very light density, sewage sludge with high moisture of 60% , tonner with free-flowing tendency and etc., at a stable feed rate. Mass flow feeders have been applied in a various industrial areas including chemical, food,pharmaceutical, recyling, environmental and etc., realizing more than 5,000 applications up to today.

Various specifications are possible with Mass flow feeder like air-pressure up to 5 bars, heat-resistance up to 500 deg. C, four exaust ports, pneumatic transport, washdown, GMP, a wide range of feed rate possible with 1:30, high accuracy and etc.,

For more information on Mass flow feeder, please visit our webiste at the following address.

Takaharu Sakata

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