Luffing and Slewing Cranes

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MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik’s Extended

Range of Luffing and Slewing Cranes

In the course of a re-structuring within the MAN Group MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik has taken over the area of shipyard-,port and offshore - slewing cranes from MAN WOLFFKRAN.

For several decades MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik has been involved in the field of steelmill cranes as well as „maritime crane technology“ and has supplied grab-type shipunloaders, double-link luffing and slewing cranes, floating cranes and gantry cranes for shipyards..

MAN WOLFFKRAN’s range of luffing and slewing cranes complements MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik’s program especially in the field of single-link cranes. Now lifting capacities of 5t to 200t and slew ranges of up to 100 m can be offered on the market.

MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik’s product extension primarily aims at shipyards - offering luffing- and slewing cranes in addition to the heavy gantry cranes.

Based on this „know how package“ MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik has already started work on two orders from shipyards in Indonesia and Malaysia.

As a result of the re-structuring, MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik will be able to cover the market for offshore cranes. With more than 30 references for offshore cranes within the last 25 years MAN TAKRAF Foerdertechnik can rely on a „know how package“ that will meet all clients‘ requirements.

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