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‘An eye in the process’

- the new Insitec® brochure from Malvern® Instruments

18 October 2007 - Malvern, UK: A new brochure from Malvern® Instruments gives a complete overview of the company’s comprehensive range of particle size analyzers for the process environment.

With options for wet or dry streams, for at, on- or in-line analysis, Malvern process systems deliver real-time continuous measurement for almost any particulate process in the size range 0.3 – 1000 microns. Well-established across many industrial sectors these particle size analyzers are robust and reliable, delivering exceptional performance with little maintenance. Fixed and mobile options extend the flexibility of the range.

Process-based analysis, and in particular continuous real-time monitoring, allows improved process control, delivering economic benefits by reducing waste, improving throughput and enhancing product quality.

Insitec systems are now standard in most particulate processing industries including toners, pharmaceuticals, cement, pigments, powder coatings and metal powders. Payback times are low – typically in the order of six months to one year. All instruments are supplied with the Malvern® LINK software package, facilitating operation and integrating the analyzer with existing control platforms.

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