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China – Innovative Conveying System Patent Awarded

Innovative Conveying Systems International (ICSI) is pleased to announce it has been awarded the patent for China for the Innovative Conveying System (ICS) Technology. This adds to the growing list of countries in which ICSI has already been awarded patents for the ICS.

By the end of 2007, China will replace Germany as the world's second largest trader with 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars in foreign trade, a senior Chinese researcher stated recently. China is also on target to overtake the world's largest trader, the United States, by the end of the decade if its current growth trend continues.

This continued growth in areas including mining and construction presents great opportunities for ICSI to provide a unique and suitable materials handling solution for China well into the future.

The ongoing research and development ICSI has undertaken for the ICS in Australia has prepared the company well to enter the materials handling market in China.

A Brief Inroduction

Our Innovative Conveying System (“ICS”) is based on a set of fundamentally new capabilities developed over many years of careful Research and Development. It is primarily designed to convey materials, ranging in size from dust to boulders, around tight curves and up steep inclines. Consequently, the ICS offers new possibilities and new savings in bulk materials handling.

Rough terrain or an uneven floor present no difficulties for the ICS, which can also operate while shifting position or altering its path. Furthermore, the unique belt design allows swift changes to the length of the system, or even complete disconnection to enable the temporary removal of a selected length, clearing the way for other equipment or a scheduled blast within a mine. Additionally, the ICS is specifically designed to enable rapid replacement of belt sections or other components and is designed to cope with difficult operating conditions.

The ICS solution is more than nuts and bolts - it is a service that meets your needs and continues to accommodate them through a customer care program. We will supply on-site training for your staff and provide them with the repair and maintenance skills to ensure the smooth functioning of your System. A tailored warranty covers parts and materials.

Within the Company we have extensive experience in mining and industry. Our professional staff are well equipped to design and build the right solution for your bulk material handling challenges, from cutting edge 3D drafting through to the manufacture, installation and support of your System.

Capabilities of the ICS

The ICS offers a set of powerful capabilities.

The fully enclosed belt can transport a wide variety of materials, ranging from very fine dust to large particles. Its corrugated construction enables it to form tight radius curves both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the belt can be filled to over 90% of its volume, giving it the ability to transport material at high rates relative to the belt size and velocity. When filled correctly, the ICS can transport material up or down steep inclines (up to 85 degrees). The belt also eliminates dust emissions by fully containing the material.

The modular nature of the ICS enables simple, swift extensions, contractions and replacements. For instance, a segment of belt can be replaced in less than 30 minutes without requiring special tools or skills. The modularity also means that the ICS can be assembled and disassembled for relocation, and can be transported on standard sized trucks.

The in-line series of drives distributes the load. This means that an ICS can be extended to a great length without imposing any additional stresses on the belt and other components. These drives can also be replaced relatively easily for maintenance or replacement. The combination of the corrugated belt, the unique suspension system, and the in-line drives means that the ICS can change direction while operating. This means that the feedbin can coordinate with the loading machine and the discharge can move while depositing material, giving it the basic capabilities of a stacker or spreader.

The above are just a selection of capabilities offered by the Innovatifve Conveying System. Please browse the specific sections and the assocated animations for more information.

Applications of the ICS

The ICS is designed to be applied in many different industries. These include mining, quarrying, grain handling, powder handling, ship loading and unloading, and tunneling. Some of these applications require further development and testing before being offered to the market. This section includes a few select examples of applications in the Industrial sector, which is the current emphasis for the Company. The industrial sector is broadly defined as applications involving a particle size of less than 250 mm.

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