High Shear Mixer Cyclomix®

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High Shear mixer for liquids and solids in the chemical industry

“The Cyclomix®, your guarantee for a maximum performance”

• Mixer type: Cyclomix 150

• Product capacity: 30 - 150 liters

• Motor: 15 - 75 KW depending upon the application

• Speed of rotor: adjustable up to 600 RPM

• Optional spray device for addition of liquids

• Double jacketed vessel and cover for an excellent heat control

• Full Discharge

• Easy scale-up

• Optimal cleanability

Cylomix 150

The Hosokawa Cyclomix is a high shear intensive mixer. This patented mixer is a revolutionary new development in high shear mixing. The Cyclomix enables you to mix a wide range of powders and liquids with different characteristics to the highest level of accuracy. The working principal of the Cyclomix is based on a unique combination of high shear and high impact mixing. Jackets around the vessel and cover guarantee an optimal temperature control. This makes the Cyclomix the best mixer for intensive mixing of cohesive and heat sensitive products. Due to the excellent mixing capabilities of this machine product qualities can be improved and a reduction of active ingredients/pigments or liquids can be realized. The Cyclomix has in the chemical industry proven to reach superb product qualities.

An advantage of the Cyclomix is the multi-functionality of this mixer. It can be used for many different applications like for example intensive mixing of powders, liquids and slurries, dispersion, densification, grinding, drying, agglomeration, coating and bonding.

Typical applications for the Cyclomix in the chemical industry:

- Dispersion of pigment in liquids and solids.

- Mixing of solids into viscous resins.

The Cyclomix is produced in a range of 1 - 2000 liters (product capacity).

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