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Gottwald Awarded Order for Portal Cranes based on Mobile Harbour Crane Technology – Port of Tyne (UK) Trusts in Experience and Drive Concept

Düsseldorf (Germany), 6 June 2007 – Port of Tyne (UK) has ordered two G HSK 6424 B four-rope-grab Portal Harbour Cranes from Gottwald Port Technology (Gottwald) for its Riverside Quay as part of its investment programme. The cranes are scheduled to be delivered in October and used round the clock for professional coal handling by the end of 2007. They will mainly be serving Handymax and Panamax ships.

The two G HSK 6424 B Portal Harbour Cranes are Gottwald Generation 5 cranes, based on proven technology used in over 1,000 Mobile Harbour Cranes. Instead of the usual rubber-tyred chassis, these G HSK 6424 B cranes are mounted on a portal, tailored exactly to the infrastructure requirements of the Port of Tyne.

With the award of this contract, Gottwald Portal Harbour Cranes now number six in the UK, making a total of 34 units of this crane type worldwide. Adding the seven Gottwald Floating Cranes that are equipped with the same proven Mobile Harbour Crane technology from the slew gear up, the total number of Gottwald cranes built based on the Mobile Harbour Crane has grown to over 40.

Mark Reardon, Gottwald's UK Regional Director, has several reasons to be pleased about the new order in one of the key countries for Mobile Harbour Crane technology: "With the order from the Port of Tyne, not only were we able to win a new customer, but have also held our own against the competition from an established supplier of mobile harbour crane technology in this port. In addition, the customer has opted for the Gottwald-typical electric drive concept, which, in Gottwald cranes, normally entails the use of an diesel-generator set on board. Port of Tyne intends, however, to operate its new Portal Harbour Crane from an on-shore power source."

Keith Wilson, Managing Director of the Port of Tyne, states why the port chose Gottwald: "The key factor was, in addition to the 200 four-rope grab cranes, the great number of Portal Harbour Cranes that Gottwald has already supplied to customers with very different terminal infrastructures. Gottwald Portal Cranes are based on proven Mobile Harbour Crane technology, making them the number one choice. Moreover, we are confident that the innovative design of the Generation 5 cranes and the electric drive will not only meet the requirements for reliable operation and the best possible cost-efficiency, but also that our port will definitely benefit from the environmentally-friendly aspects of this concept."

G HSK 6424 Portal Harbour Crane – Technical Details and Equipment

The G HSK 6424 B is just one variant of model 6 in the range of Generation 5 cranes, launched in the spring of 2006. This new crane generation includes models 6, 7 and 8 available as Mobile Harbour, Portal Harbour or Floating Cranes. As a Portal Harbour Crane, the G HSK 6424 B has, from the slew ring up, the same components of proven technology used in a corresponding Mobile Harbour Crane. This modular concept makes for comparably short delivery lead-times. The crane boasts 100-tonne heavy-load, 40-tonne and 50-tonne grab curves and is classified accordingly for continuous-duty grab operation under rough conditions. Compiling with local requirements, the G HSK 6424 B is fitted for operation on an external power supply. In addition to the transformer that converts the 11 kV shore power to the 440 V crane power, this equipment comprises an electrics cabinet and a cable reel. The portal has a clearance of 9 m, the track gauge measures 16 m. The 24 wheels in total – distributed evenly over the four corners of the crane – transfer the forces into the quay infrastructure. The portal also has ergonomic stairways for the crane personnel.

About Gottwald Port Technology

As a member company of the Demag Cranes AG Group, Gottwald Port Technology GmbH represents the Port Technology segment. This segment with its workforce of about 800 achieved a turnover of some € 270 million in financial year 2005/2006. Thanks to attractive, innovative products, Gottwald has a prime standing in international growth markets for Mobile Harbour Cranes and automated port logistics systems. Gottwald products are supplied to over 80 countries around the world.

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Three Gottwald Generation 4 HSK 360 EG Portal Harbour Cranes handling iron ore in the Port of Qinhuangdao, R.R. of China


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