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Bulk Conveyor Component and Accessories Manufacturer - ASGCO Manufacturing invests in DEM Solutions EDEM™ Discrete Element Modeling Software

Lebanon, NH, USA – DEM Solutions (USA) Inc., the world leader in discrete element modeling solutions is pleased to announce that ASGCO Manufacturing, Inc., of Allentown, PA, has selected DEM Solutions’ EDEM software to satisfy their discrete element modeling needs. ASGCO, a leading manufacturer of conveyor components and systems, is implementing EDEM for product development and also for design optimization of engineered products, including conveyor systems and transfer points.

EDEM is an advanced discrete element modeling package for the simulation, analysis and visualization of particulate flows.* The software provides high-resolution information on particle kinematics, momentum and heat and mass transfer.* *

ASGCO was an early adopter of discrete element modeling and has been using it to analyze their transfer chute designs for some time.* “We had simply outgrown the tool we were using,” said George Mott, Vice President of Engineering.* “When we saw what DEM Solutions’ EDEM was capable of, it was an easy decision to make the switch.* The investment in EDEM was more than justified to us in accuracy and engineering efficiency.”*

ASGCO has purchased a perpetual license for EDEM, a further indication of their continued commitment to using DEM Solutions’ technology to improve product design.*

George Mott, Vice President of Engineering at ASGCO, says:

“The benefits of using EDEM include easier problem set-up with CAD import, substantially improved stability, much greater speed, more sophisticated post-processing plus strong customer support from a company that specializes in DEM software.”

John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions, adds:

“We are pleased that respected manufacturers like ASGCO Manufacturing are recognizing the importance of our software as a tool to improve their product designs and reduce risks of problems when the equipment is fielded. Their adoption of the software underlines the strong and growing presence we now have across the globe in the bulk material handling sector.”

DEM Solutions partners with their customers to improve their products and processes by simulating and analyzing operations at the particle scale. First released in 2005, EDEM software is now used in the design and analysis of particulate handling, processing, and manufacturing operations in almost every industry sector and engineering discipline. EDEM provides companies with a tool to substantially reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests required to get a product to market or a process on-stream. It is used to help trouble-shoot difficult particulate processes and, because it is physics-based, it can greatly improve understanding of system fundamentals leading to better product and process design and innovation.

DEM Solutions’ corporate headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland with a subsidiary in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA and sales offices and distributor representation worldwide.

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