Continuous Weighing System

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New at OPDENHOFF TECHNOLOGIE GMBH: Continuous Weighing System

In the course of modernizing weighing processes, Opdenhoff extends its product range to include continuous weighing systems such as the Siwarex FTC from Siemens. Opdenhoff Technologie’s many years of experience based on a wide variety of weighing processes have been incorporated in this new control concept. After all, an ideal overall concept for demanding new plants and simple modernization of older production facilities can only evolve in connection with a CPU and a plant-specific control program. Recording belt loads or feed rates, controlling continuous product streams with loss-in-weight feeders or bi-directional force measurement are only a part of the many possible applications this new concept offers. What makes the control of loss-in-weight feeders special is an intelligent switching between two modes of operation which ensures that the product flow rate is achieved quickly.

The dosing unit reaches the target value quickly with the aid of a characteristic curve that was recorded beforehand and precisely adjusted to within a limit range using a proven regulator. This principle combines the strengths of both modes of operation. The speed of the volumetric mode with the precision of the gravimetric mode. This weighing system principle in combination with the OPDENHOFF Controller allows for individual adaptation to different production plants and quick setting of parameters using self optimization.

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