Computer Based Non-Destructive Wire Rope Testing

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Heath & Sherwood has recently completed the next generation Magnograph - A computer based instrument for the field testing of wire rope used in mine hoisting, dry docks and other industrial applications. The testing for Local Faults and Change of Metallic Area has long been a time consuming task but, an important consideration to ensure the occuplational safety of the workers. Now through the advancement of a new operator interface and the miniaturization of the standard electronic components the whole package can be handled by the sensing head and a PC equipped with a USB-Port. This new enhancement elminates the bulky multiple assemblies of the past versions. The new system is also available as a upgrade to the old versions of the original Magnograph or the Magnograph II.

Phil Cancilla, Sales & Marketing Manager

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Re: Computer Based Non-Destructive Wire Rope Testing

Posted on 22. Dec. 2004 - 07:51

Please, inform me about MAGNOGRAF II:

1. LF sensitivity

2. Minimum LMA averaging length