Bag Slitting Machine

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The operator Places the Bags on the Belt conveyor, which will move the bags towards the inlet of the slitting machine, then the machine relies on the impact of bags onto rotating circular knives which slice the bags into pieces. The bags thus cut upon slide down the inclined knife plate into a sloped rotating mesh drum which has a length of 2 to 3m the mesh drum has internal lifters which pick and toss the cut bag pieces around internal drum periphery thus emptying all contents of the bag as it travels down the slope of the rotating drum. By the time the bags reach the bottom of the drum, all material has Emptied and fallen in to the static receiving hopper located directly below a mesh drum. The material falls through the mesh opening into the hopper. The cut bag pieces which have by now reached the end of the sloping drum fall by gravity into a horizontal screw bag compactor which packs the bags and compacts them into a polythene tube which is fitted to discharge end of the bag compactor.

The conveyor unit is enclosed and dust liberated during the cutting and tumbling operation is filtered by a built-in Bag Filter with automatic reverse pulse jet cleaning. The material which filtered falls back into the hopper of the unit.

The inlet of the machine is fitted with a flexible curtain to avoid entry of the atmospheric air in to the machine.

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