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Innovation award for Malvern Insitec system

The Malvern Insitec Voyager on-line particle size analyzer, with Malvern Link automation software, has been named winner of the Most Innovative Product category in this year’s Asia Pacific Coatings Show awards. Winners were announced and awards presented at the show held on 21 & 22 May 2003 in Kuala Lumpur.

Commenting on the decision of the judging panel, David Vaughan-Lee, editor of Asia Pacific Coatings Journal, said:

“The judges felt that Malvern Process Systems should win the Most Innovative Product award because the design of the patented Insitec system offers significant improvements in productivity together with savings in raw materials, labour and energy costs for powder production processes. This has been rewarded by rapid sales growth in the Asia Pacific region.”

On being presented with the winner’s trophy, Dr George Crawley, Business Development Manager for Malvern Process Systems, the on-line particle sizing division of Malvern Instruments, said:

“I am delighted that Malvern’s Insitec system has been recognised with this award. Malvern Process Systems has not only invested in R&D for its products, importantly it has also focused on making sure that the teams that sell and support on-line particle sizing systems fully understand and can meet the needs of our customers throughout the world. With manufacturing industry now focused on process optimization and process intensification, on-line measurements that bring process understanding and real-time control are of increasing value. It is our aim to provide the effective service and comprehensive product range that the market needs.”

The Insitec Voyager is a mobile system that can be attached to fixed sampling ports at a variety of points in a production line, or can be used to sample from several different production lines. It is a fully integrated unit with all the necessary fittings to allow the system to function automatically.

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The award winning Malvern Insitec Voyager with

Left: Geoff Emms, Manufacturing Engineer, Malvern Instruments

Centre: Paul Walker, Managing Director, Malvern Instruments

Right: Steve Fielding, Project Engineering Manager, Malvern Instruments


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