Allgaier Tumbler Screening Machines

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Quickly and easily converted tumbler screening machines.

Portfolio for even more economical screening.

To an increasing degree, all sizes of tumbler screening machines are now being used for processing various types of products. This means that the quick adaptability of the screening machine to match new production parameters is now a key feature for economical operation. For their tumbler screening machines, Allgaier offer a complete technological portfolio which permits the conversion to be carried out with minimal machine down-times.

The features in this portfolio include:

• the new quick-change mounting for the screens,

• the segmented screen inserts and

• the segmented ultrasound screen inserts for efficient cleaning of the machine.

Particularly in the chemicals industry and other industries which convert substances into other forms, the flexibility of the machines and equipment is extremely important. This also applies to mechanical methods such as screening technology. Due to their high efficiency, which results from their design, Allgaier tumbler screening machines are used in a large number of processes. In order to further optimise the throughput, the good separation and the flexibility for adaptation to rapidly changing products, Allgaier has developed a quick-change system for the screens.

The heart of the quick-change system is a rapid-action clamp which provides a high clamping force with little effort on the part of the operator for opening and closing it. It thus ensures that the screen decks, which are located on top of each other, are held securely in position but can still be changed quickly and easily.

The high ease of use of the quick-change screen system matches the flexibility concept of the Allgaier tumbler screening machines, which can also be equipped with segmented screens. A round screening machine with a diameter of 2,600 mm can, for example, be equipped with eight outer segments and one central segment.

The segmentation of the screen frames has a direct effect on the costs for operation, maintenance and spare parts, since it simplifies the changing of screens, particularly on large-diameter screening machines. This simplification reduces the machine down-times. A further advantage is that only one segment of the screen needs to be replaced in the case of damage to the screen, instead of replacing the complete screen, resulting in a long-term reduction in the costs for spare parts.

The combination of a segmented screen and an ultrasound cleaning system also makes it possible

• to screen difficult products,

• to achieve a higher throughput,

• to improve the separation and the quality of the screened fractions and

• to prevent blockage of the screen mesh.

The segmented screens with ultrasound cleaning also have a longer operating lifetime and require less maintenance. Furthermore, the risk of damage to the sensitive screen materials during replacement is considerably reduced.

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Allgaier offers the most highly developed technology for tumbler screening machines - now with a new quick-change screen system, segmented screens and also segmented screens with ultrasound cleaning.

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