Acoustic Cleaners for Cement Plant

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As part of the impressive privately owned Dangote Group, Obajana Cement has recently constructed a new cement plant in Kogi state, Nigeria. This plant is now the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa, the project was managed by ACC, India and FL Smidth were lead equipment suppliers. This new site contained eight large cement storage silos (61m in height and 18m in diameter).

In July 2007 Obajana Cement contacted Primasonics International to ask their advice in solving side wall material build up and blocking within these large silos. First of all the silos had to be cleaned in an efficient and safe manner before Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners could be installed. The initial decision the company had to make was whether to employ an international silo cleaning company or purchase their own safe, rapid silo cleaning equipment. With a total of eight massive silos to clean out, it became obvious that by far the most economical solution was to purchase their own silo cleaning equipment and they choose the Primasonics Prima Whip. At the same time Primasonics technical staff had concluded that each massive silo required the installation of twin Acoustic Cleaners Model PAS-60, the most powerful audiosonic acoustic cleaner available.

So by November 2007, Obajana Cement had taken delivery of the largest version of the Prima Whip plus a total of eight Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners Model PAS-60 for four of their storage silos.

The results were so successful that in February this year, the company have placed another order with Primasonics International for the supply of a further eight Model PAS-60 Acoustic Cleaners for their remaining four storage silos. Primasonics International as the largest supplier of acoustic cleaners within India, especially within the cement industry, including the ACC Group.

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Typical Primasonics Acoustic Cleaner Model PAS-60

mounted on top of a large cement silo


primasoncis_typical-model-p (JPG)

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