LOESCHE Mills for Askale Cimento

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Askale’s New Line at Van will be equipped with 2 LOESCHE mills

On 9th February, 2011, Askale Cimento Sanayii T.A.S. negotiated with Loesche regarding a CRM and a Coal Mill for a new brown field 3.500 tpd clinker production line at VAN in the Eastern part of Turkey, close to the Iranian border.

To execute the project, Askale Cimento has contracted the consortium Terbay-Aybars Is Ortakligi (TeAy) to built the new line.

In this project TeAy is taking care of the purchase of all components. At the same time, they ensure that the interfaces between those are correctly designed and are also responsible for the coordination of erection and commissioning of the new line.

At that time, orders had been placed with KHD and Claudius Peters.

But for the grinding of cement raw material ( limestone, clay and iron ore ), the client decided in favor of a Loesche Mill Type LM 48.4 with a through-put rate of 300 t/h at a fineness of 12 % R 90 µ.

For coal grinding (50 % lignite and 50 % petcoke), the customer will implement a LOESCHE Mill Type LM 28.2 D. The capacity of this mill is designed to be 30 t/h at a fineness of 3 % R 90 µ.

A short time of delivery was decisive in this project. Therefore Loesche agreed to start delivery after 9 months only.

The customer is planning another, similar work at Gümüshane in Turkey for which Loesche is preparing new quotations.

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Photo 1: LOESCHE Mill Typ LM 48.4, Broceni, Latvia

Photo 2: LOESCHE Mill Typ LM 28.2, Schwarze Pumpe, Germany


loesche_1_broceni_lv_lm 48.4_1 010 (JPG)

loesche_2_schwarze-pumpe_de_lm2 8.2d-2(3) (JPG)

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