Flyash Extraction

Posted on 6. Mar. 2007 - 04:16

Dear Mr. Pillai, The best system to extract flyash from the hopper is--

1. At the bottom of hopper provide closed airslide system.

2. Take side discharge from the bottom of hopper,this side discharge shall consist of air slide,gate valve and flow control valve,by adjusting flow control valve you can get feed rate of your choice.The total system cost shall be around US $7000 for silo bottom air slide system,side discharge air slide,flow control valve and gate valve.

If, you need we can provide you detailed fabrication drawings with all specifications for boughtout items.

Anil Seth


Re: Flyash Extraction

Posted on 3. Oct. 2009 - 05:20

Please clarify ,whether fly is dry or wet ....

For WET , belt weigh feeder below hopper is best

For Dry , bin to be on load cell and extraction can be conrolled by solid flow meter , if in mill feeding ..... If it will be below dump hopper , airslide, enmass conveyor or RUD apron feeder may be insatlled

Fly Ash Discharge

Posted on 7. Oct. 2009 - 01:56

Air slides are great for fluidising fine powders and the discharge rate can be regulated by throttling the discharge, as stated by Anil, but the fluid condition of the material may be a problem for subsequent handling. A well designed screw feeder can be used to feed out in a more dense and controlable state, but it must be integrated with a suitable feed hopper to ensure reliable flow.

Re: Flyash Extraction

Posted on 7. Oct. 2009 - 04:50

Where are you extracting the fly ash from, a storage silo or the hopper bottoms below a precipitator/baghouse??