Re: Designing A Two-Way Gate & Flap Valve

Posted on 23. May. 2009 - 05:11
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i want design two way gate

can you introduce refrence to me

Have you Googled for established suppliers?

If not do this first.

Two Way Gates

Posted on 23. May. 2009 - 05:18

Greetings and Salutations Mehdi Ohadi,

Are you a summer co-op student working for Momtazam?

Please expand on your explanation; a two way gate for a tripper may be as simple as a manually operated knife gate door held in place with an angle iron guide channels to simply divert flow with two enclosed chutes delivering product to the opposite side of the tripper structure or use.

The tripper conveyor should be turned off to allow changing the position of the gate door or it may be impossible to do otherwise.

A two way pneumatic gate is typically employed and used under a coal stock pile to balance the drawing of coal to the sizer prior to delivering it the coal bunkers.

It is pneumatically controlled with an air cylinder.

The conveyor equipment manufacturing association has extensive references available as to many conveyor design text books and manufacturers offering literature for mailings.