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Look for a position (Solid transport, pneumatic conveying, BSH

I am writing to you to explore the possibility of finding a positionthe general area of solids transport. Over the past few years I have obtain a Ph.D. and have done post doctoral work at the University of Pittsburgh under the direction of Professor George Klinzing. My work has been in the area of pneumatic conveying with both dilute and dense phase system exploring basic understandings to be applied to industry problems. During my work I have had the opportunity to explore other areas of solid processing which has given me a capability in addressing a wide variety of problems in this area.

I am taking the liberty to send you a copy of my resume which is attached which highlights my experiences and capabilities. I am looking forward to hearing from you concerning the opportunities you may have in this area.

Kindest regards,

Jae Bum Pahk


jae bum pahk's resume (PDF)

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