International Sourcing Director

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Fantastic opportunity!!!!!!

Major corporation in fastener distribution is looking for an International Sourcing Director. This person will be tasked with establishing strong relationships with international suppliers, negotiating costs/structures, and then turn over to procurement. This position will then dovetail into a Regional Vice Presidency position.

The international sourcing director starts at $100,000.

Candidate MUST have strong background in international sourcing of fasteners, and it is preferred that this was in a "distribution" environment.

Corporation wants Director in place by 12/01/03. Please rush resume via email or call 352-595-7202.

R.Gopal - Chennai, India
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Re: International Sourcing Director

Posted on 17. Dec. 2003 - 05:51

Dear Sirs

I understand your organisation is on the look-out for an International Sourcing Director for the industrial fasteners division in your Corporate office.

To supplement this work function, I wish to offer my services to you as an Off-shore Sourcing Agent to work for you from Chennai ( Madras ) India.

A Masters Degree Holder and a Gold Medalist with more tthan 30 years industrial experience, a decade of which was as a Senior Purchase Officer for engineering materials in a large Government of India Undertaking here and presently engaging myself successfully as Business Consultant, I can confidently and usefully serve you.

If you prefer, the assignment may be for a contract period of one year iniially. The work responsibiliies and compensation terms can be discussed in our next mail on hearing from you.

Kind regards

R.Gopal Although not applying for this post,

Chennai, INDIA

Ph/Fax: 0091-44-26342521

Re: International Sourcing Director

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