Impact /jaw crusher andavibrating feeder

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This is Jay coming from Shanghai Interlink Roadbuilding & bridgebuilding Machine Equipment Company is a special production company gathering the design, manufacture and management of the breaking machines together. if anybody want to buy impact/ jaw crusher and some road and bridge building machine, please contact me by email with:


breaking machine (JPG)

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International Business Job Hunter In China

Posted on 30. May. 2007 - 08:35

I am a international sales person in Hangzhou, China. I want to hunt a job relate to international trade, interpritor or be your agency in China. also i can offer many service when anybody visit China. if you are interesting, please contact me:

cosmetic packing, engineering machine and power source products
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Impact Jaw Crusher, Etc.

Posted on 9. Jun. 2007 - 03:43

Good Day, Jay. Grotto's Tool Works is seeking representation in China. Please visit our web site, to view our product line. Contact us if you are interested as we are looking for someone who has a presence in your field of endeavor and geographical area. Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Grotto, General Manager.