Experienced Flexitanks Salesmen

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After 3 years of intensive R&D we have developed the best flexitank in the world, holding 4 patents. Absolutely no leaks, and the heaviest duty in the industry at a competitive price.

Most advanced product line, excellent compensation + excellent commission.

To learn more about us visit www.enviropactech.com

Please contact me at pablo@enviropactech.com

Pablo Llopez Bulk Packaging Specialist ENVIROPACTECH 10612 Hempstead Hwy., Bldgs. A, B, C Houston, TX 77092 - USA Cel. +1 713 471 4043 Off. +1 713 554 9952 Fax +1 713 961 0189 pablo@enviropactech.com skype:pllopez70 Antwerp - Brisbane - Buenos Aires - Hong Kong - Houston - Moscow - Shanghai
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Re: Experienced Flexitanks Salesmen

Posted on 20. Jul. 2007 - 10:13

Hello Sir,

Very interested in your offer.

I am the salesman of flexitanks and bulk liner in Asia for one manufacturer, I am experienced in the line of flexitanks.

If you flexitanks is high quality and never leaked, then I have the confidence that can help you enjoy a good market in Asia.

My contact information: evenblue@gmail.com

Skype: evenblue