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In February 2000 we will publish the book

B/2000 Stacking Blending Reclaiming

within the third generation

"Series on powder & bulk solids

handling & processing".

B/2000 Stacking Blending Reclaiming

February 2000, about 216 pages, US$ 50.00,

SFR 75.00, DM 90,00. Mailing charges upon request.

Order address: avm@ttp.net.

Please ask for Proforma Invoice and

specify mode of shipment:

surface mail


special courier.

Tentative Contents:

J.W. Carson, R.T.Jenkyn and J.C. Sowizal

Reliable and Economical Handling of Bulk Solids

at Coal-Fired Power Plants

C.M. Ramos

The Real Costs of Coal Degradation

R. Kollmer and H. Langerak

Throughput Increase Due to Variable Speed by

Hydraulic Drives

E. De Capitani and A. Tura

Bandar Iman Khomeini Iron Ore Receiving Terminal

Q. Peitao

Coal Terminal and Handling Mechanization in China

M. Lindsay-Scott and W. Rossle

Blue Circle Cement’s Kaalfontein Depot

M.M. Vermeule

Renewing Raw Material Handling in the CEMIJ Plant

H. Hansen

Screening of Damp, Dirty Raw Materials

in the Cement Industry

A.S. Bardos

Coal Handling Plant of the New Belledune Power Station

S.R. Shehata and H.M. Wilton-Clark

World’s Largest Circular Reclaim System

at Belledune Power Station

S.K. Chakraborti

Lessons Learned from Handling Western Coal

at American Electric Power’s Rockport Plant

R. Weidenbach and F. Wolpers

Coal Handling at Badenwerk Power Station

G. Michaeli

Coaling Plant for Duesseldorf Power Station

J. Gateley

Pennine Stockpiling and Undermining

K.R. Alexander

Flux Vector Drive Applications

for Bulk Material Handling Equipment

H.M. Haydl

Conical Storage Halls

J.R. Sturgul and S.R. Thurgood

Simulation Model for Materials Handling System

for Surface Coal Mine

R. Francis, L. Pedersen and J. Troncoso

Design and Construction of Coal Handling Facilities

at Gordstone Colliery

R. Reiter and P. Wagner

Raw and Product Coal Stockpiling Machines

at Gordstone Colliery

K. Brown, J. Carmody, P. Hughes and A. Swanson

CHEQS - Real Time Quality Management

for Newcastle Coal Exports

F.-G. Ostrop

Coal Quality Control for Consumers

Along the North-South Railway Line

N. de Wet

Homogenizing/Blending in South Africa -

An Update

M. Bessner, B. Galle and M.Sagheer

High Flexibility for Reliable Coal Supply

of a Power Plant

P. Pongpirodom

On-Line Analysis for Coal Blending

at Mae Moh Mine, Thailand

A. Chattopadhyay, M.A. Parameswaran and K.R. Rao

Development of a Database System on Bulk Solids -

A Relational Model Approach

G.F. Fabani, E.G. Pacheo, C.F. Perucca and J.R. Solis

Storing and Transportation of Potassium Chloride -

A Proposal

L. Mayer

Sleepers Supported Rail Tracks for Stacker-Reclaimers

M. Clampin and H. Wright

Improving the Free Flow Capability

of Power Station Coal Bunkers

S.K. Chakraborti

American Electric Power’s Coal Pile Management Program

A. Fretwell

Coal Handling System Improvement

at Lamma Power Station

T.D. Banerjee and G. Paes

Simulation Model for a Raw Material Unloading System

in a Steel Plant

D.S. Heindel and P. Leybourn

Coal Operations Resources Engineering System –

A Power Station Coal Handling Control System Upgrade

A.W. Gerstel and J.W. Werner

Computer Simulation Program for Blending Piles

Ib Finn Petersen

Raw Material Feeding Systems

J.B.A. Meijer and M.J. Redmond

Giving Stockyard Machines a New Lease of Life

F.J. Cabrejos and D.J. Goodwill

Tunnel Reclaim from Ore Stockpiles

J. Gateley

FAIRO Stockyard Vehicles for Maximum

Storage Capacity on Stockyard Site

J. Harder

Dry Ash Handling System

for Advanced Coal-Fired Boilers

V. Quattrucci

Dry Bottom Ash Extraction –

Environmental Safeguard and Economic Savings

Given by the MAC-System

A.W. Gerstel and S.M. van Seters

New Developments in the Homogenisation

of Raw Material on a Large Scale

N. Ahrens

Latest Developments in Circular Mix Bed Technology

M. Scher

Handling of Coal and Ash at

Israel Electric Power Stations

S. Engle and W.W. Salmon

Undetected Corrosion and Wear Cause

Stacker Reclaimer Boom Tip Failure

B. Boreman

Design Features Optimize Life of Rotary Car Dumpers

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