Dr. Jim Cain
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Posted on April 24, 1999 at 22:10:19:

As a Ph.D. and a 15 veteran of Eastman Kodak, I am looking for opportunities to assist anyone with powder technology related concerns, specifically in quantifying the behavior of dry granular materials. I have an extensive background in assessing the flow and bulk behavior of dry powders, and would like to put this knowledge to good use, specifically as a consultant. My final task at Eastman Kodak (before the giant layoffs of 1998) was to complete a half million dollar powder technology laboratory with more than a dozen devices (some I perfected myself) for analyzing the behavior of such materials as toner, treatments, dry chemicals, powdered metals, plastics and chemical additives. My thesis work, and a new book to be written on this subject, are specifically on the topic of quantifying the bulk behavior of dry granular materials, powders and fine particles.

Dr. Jim Cain

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