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there is new technology for the bearing assembly in the idlers.individual bearings are fitted in the cartridge and cartridge is fitted over the shaft- this process has significantly increased the accuray of idler assembly and has reduced the friction factor as well.

looking forward to more information on this new process.


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Posted on 21. Dec. 2002 - 01:22

If such things have developed, I would also like to know. However it seems such arrangement can mostly be feasible in small diameter idlers and for certain type of duty / application.


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Posted on 26. Apr. 2003 - 06:23

The below idler manufacturer has developed a cartridge type bearing and seal arrangement years ago.


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Posted on 1. Sep. 2003 - 01:52

I believe the product you are indicating is one produced by Edwin Lowe in the UK.

The sub-assembly comprises end-cap(bearing housing) bearing and seals which is welded directly into the shell in this assembled form.