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Title : Poly Bag Packaging Co.

Web site :

Contact : Mr. Tahsin Gun

E-mail :

Country : Turkey

Poly Bag is producer and exporter of of top quality polypropylene bags and

flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), and pp fabric. Our main work

is to introduce all kinds of pp products, with more competitive price and better

quality, to oversea market. According to requirements or description from you,

we provide for the most suitable products for your demand.

Our products are :

* Small PP Bags : Poly Bag is capable of producing bags ranging from 30 cm to

155 cm in width and in required kinds and weights. For packing a large variety

of commodities from flour, animal food, wheat, fertilizers, rice, coal, bentonite,

different types of PP bags are produced.

Polypropylene bags are one of the most cost effective forms of packaging available today. We offer a wide variety of polypropylene products including white PP bags, coloured PP bags, PP bags with sewn liners, PP bags with loose liners cuffed at the mouth of the bag, coated (laminated ) bags. Hemmed, heat cut, valve or open mouths, block bottom laminated PP Bags (mainly for cement and cement type materials), polypropylene woven fabrics in all required colors, are available for consumer demands.

* FIBCs Big Bag : Packaging, transport, storage and handling of powdered and liquid materials and raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, construction and agriculture. Flexible packing material from polypropylene fabric

delivered reliably and on time.

Working loads from 500 kg to 2,000 kg are possible and fabrics are designed to meet a minimum of 5:1 / 6:1 safety factors. For hazardhous materials, a variety of UN approved bag designs are also available. Coated fabrics are suggested for use with

either fine powder products or those sensitive to moisture. Conductive fabric and bag design are available for products that form static energy. Poly Bag production and sales team work together to provide our customers with the solutions they need. A great amount of attention is placed on inspection and testing, at every level. Poly Bag has installed modern equipment to guarantee constant monitoring and testing of fabric, sewing threads, and completed big bags. Poly Bag conducts complete bulk bag testing in accordance with EFIBCA norms, and norms for big bags with the UN code.

We are able to offer 4 sides/three-colour, environmentally friendly printing.

Types of FIBCs :

PP Fabric : Poly Bag provides you fibc flat fabric ( sulzer ) from 74 to 120 cm - 140 to 240 gr/mt and round woven fabric from circumference 100 to 400 cm - 50 to 240 gr/m , both coated and uncoated fabrics are available.

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