Polymer Coating of Magnesium Peroxide

Posted in: , on 15. Jan. 2002 - 14:34

A UK company is trying to is encapsulate / coat Magnesium Peroxide (around 3 micron particle size) with a water dispersible polymer coating, say HEC, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, which is then dried around the particle.

The ensuing coated particle is then used in an aqueous suspension and depending on the dried polymer coating thickness ( and to some degree the temperature) it will swell and be dispersed by the water, thus the MgO will be released slowly -- what they would like is the MgO to be released into the water phase about 60 minutes after introduction which will then act to raise the pH to +/- 10 which will in turn initiate a further chemical reaction. The whole idea is to delay the pH rise till the right time and not have it working straight away.

The company has been trying to find someone capable of doing this coating process but so far without success, any help and advice you might be able to provide would certainly be appreciated. The company concerned is ideally looking for a sub contractor to do this coating for them but would consider installing plant.

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