Bulk density of Minerals with in stockpiles

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Dear All,

I am looking for a solution for measuring bulk deinsities with in a stockpile which are compacted due to movement of trucks and earth moving equipment.

Can anyone suggest a simple yet accurate way of determining the densities.

We do a lot of stockpile quantity assessment jobs, we use Electronic Total Station for taking the XZY coordinates of the stokcpile to arrive at volumes to a great degree of accuracy, but measruing bulk density has always been a weak point where the methodology is the find the weight difference of standard volume box before and after filling up with sample of bulk mineral.

Please suggest.

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Re: Bulk Density Of Minerals With In Stockpiles

Posted on 18. Mar. 2008 - 01:24

The effect of trucks and earth moving equipment on stockpiles is primarily determined by the type of material being stored, the size and shape of the material, the manner of storing and the purpose of the pile.

The compaction effects on coarse hard rock is minimal, where as friable coal can be significant and wood chips considerable. A strategic stockpile of coal which has to remain in place for a number of years is compacted to the point of being almost solid to prevent deterioration of the coal and reduce the risk of fire.

The densities are therefore determined by site conditions and not by factors or calculations. Your measurements are taken after the event i.e. the completion of the stockpile. It follows that physical measurement is required to gain accurate results. Simply take an accurate cut 1.0m deep from a flat well compacted area in a similar way that foundations are cut, taking care not to disturb the compaction of the base or the sides. The larger the area measured, the more accurate the result.

The compaction should not vary much below the one metre level.

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