Bagged Cargo Mechanisation for Railways

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Bagged Cargo Mechanisation for Railway Wagon Loading

we want to finalise raiway wagon loading mechanisation to reduce labor dependancy. we are loading bagged cargo of fertiliser and wheat (50kg each bag). we r loading 4 rakes in 24 hrs.each rake consistes of 40 BCN WAGONS.Total LENGTH of rake is 700 mtrs. each BCN wagon(broad gauge rail line) has to doors.

each wagon can accomodate approx.1250 bags.

can anyone advise any telescopic type of arrangement for loading trucks from godown and also from same trucks to railway wagon.

we need to mechanised fast loading in to truck at godown and and reduce labour lifting 50kg bag from truck to wagon ,only for stacking we wanted to use labours.

please advise.

Bagged Cargo Mechanisation For Railway Wagon Loading

Posted on 19. Mar. 2013 - 01:12

We know, that this thread is more then 6 years old. We have recently provided solution for similar type of problem to India's major fertilizer company, where, we have reduced down the manpower from 250 to just 20 and loading time from 16 hours to 10 hours and also enhanced bagging capacity by 15% by providing them simple solutions. Our valuable clien,t has given us Appreciation letter for providing innovative solution against this.

Mostly, all the industries are facing manpower shortage for such operations, except cement industries, who took initiative for providing automatic wagon loading systems way back.

While working with Enexco(now Beumer), we have designed more then 30 such systems.

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Re: Bagged Cargo Mechanisation For Railways

Posted on 16. Apr. 2013 - 05:37

Hello Kashyap Desai,

There are wagon loading sophisticated machines, which receive bags from conveyor running along platform. The machine discharge boom (telescopic type, etc.) enters into the wagon, places bags in planned manner from one end of the wagon till mid zone (door zone), and then again places bags from the other end, till mid zone, etc. It carries out this function with minimum manual efforts. Refer manufacturers for specific information.

One manufacturer has already responded to your requirement. There are quite a few number of companies, one name I remember is Mollers, Germany.


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