Agricultural Products Maker Needs Help

Posted in: , on 29. Jul. 2010 - 22:17

Looking for help in Atlanta Georgia area

We are a 34 year old business that make agricultural products. So much of what we do is to make little rocks (dust) out of big ones and then granulate them into pellets.

We are looking for someone to help us with a project to:

1. Make us less dusty (help with dust control)

2. Help with lighting

3. Help set up control stations at the equipment

4. Help set up transfer point controls (liquid and dry)



Posted on 30. Jul. 2010 - 03:41

Asssuming you are granulating limestone dust several issues come to the front of the line.

It depends on your available operating capital and existing debt.

You are dealing with rock dust and it is lethal and must be controlled.

1. Free Silica dust and permissable exposure limits:

(which are near zero PPM)

2. Personal protective equipment

a. adequate dust masks for silica exposure

b. Racal airstream breathing air systems with hard hats

c. dust suppression/reduction with permanent vacuum systems with cylones and

collector containers at transfer points and mobile vacuum systems (which solve a

lot of problems and work wonders.

3. Transfer points and conveyors.

a. are they interior installations or exposed to weather?

a1. all weather covers

a2. fully exposed transfer points with no dust coverage/containment

a3. proper guarding to allow safe shoveling and greasing.

b. how much water can your limestone dust tolerate if you are not using it currently prior to granulating.

4. Lighting

a. voltage desired for lightling service 115-220-277 single phase or three phase

b. type of lighting desired incandescent, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, Light

emmiting diode.

b1. high dust concentrations require a very high

foot candle- lumens per square foot.

b2. sealed lighting and conduit for weather proof service

b3. ground fault service with all control panels

5. So much depends on;

a. available supply of stone tonnages, your existing operating systems, operating capital available for expenditures to comply with dust suppression and electrical codes and OSHA and MSHA regulations


c. local zoning if any

d. contracting for consulting

d1. BO - Build and own with another operator

BOO- Build own operate- installed, owned, and operated by you

BOOT- contractor built, owned, operated then transfer thier ownership and operation to you

You have to be able to attack the silica problem with vacuum suppression as that is the most viable option plus the Racal Air Stream Personal protective equipment for employees.

It may be just as easy to install an industrial vacuum system in both stationary and portable form to secure the lethal dust concentrations and have the ability to reclaim it easily.

for your use:

the representative in The State of Georgia is Brad Rhodes

Start there and then decide how to proceed.

another contact with regard to conveyors and systems is

Tom Ambesy at

as he can provide belt covers and enclosed transfer

points for you and integrate it with a super products

vacuum system to control the dust.

Tell Tom I sent you his way and he will help you.