Friction Factor for Bulk Solids ?

Posted in: , on 20. Sep. 2012 - 19:29

Can someone please help us with Friction factor to be considered for Bulk Material – between Raw Meal (with material fineness of 2.4 Residue on 212 Micron) and Mild Steel ?

We intend to use this information for Design of Steel Storage Silo.

Re: Friction Factor For Bulk Solids ?

Posted on 23. Sep. 2012 - 06:00

The best way to establish the friction between a bulk solid and a contact surface is to measure the value with samples of each material that represent the extreme condition of each that can be experienced in operation. The test is simple to conduct and eliminates the danger of adopting secondhand values from materials that have the same name, but could vary greatly in quality or composition. Wall friction tests should be, without fail, a routine procedure for hopper design.