Conveying, Crushing & Feeding of Wet Bauxite

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During the Rainy Season we face lot of problems in conveying ,Crushing & feeding Bauxite because it becomes very sticky due to the moisture .The chutes get jammed due to poor flow , the Crusher gets choked , heavy spillage occurs & the Belt srapers do not fuction & belts start swayimg. . Due to this the requirement of Bauxite for the Alumina production is unable to be fed for realizing the capavcity of the Alumina Plant whereas the same system is doubly effective during the dry season. I look forward to suggestions as to how we can solve this problem.

A Very Sticky Wicket

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You have to start again & this time remember to give the Supplier a realistic specification. It's amazing how many threads are about trouble with wetness. Did it only start to rain in that neck of the woods after the plant was built?

If all the issues were to be addressed on this forum then it would take too long to answer them all since all you've told us so far is that your plant doesn't work in the rain!

Time & again iin these forums we reply to a thread post & then we get contradicted because the originator moves the goalposts. With a question like this the goalposts aren't even on the playingfield. You will have to prepare an enquiry for Bidders & then evaluate their tenders according to acceptable engineering practice.

We are experiencing similar…

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We are experiencing similar issues

The following may be of…

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The following may be of interest as a start, despite that you may be aware:

I believe that I previously obtained the reference in the public domain - likely this website, though I was unable to source recently, and I will remove if requested etc.


...This transfer was handling minus 400mm iron ore but on occasions the ore was highly cohesive so there was extreme variability in the ore characteristics. The performance of this transfer was considerably more controlled than the previous transfer we designed and after we were allowed to make some minor adjustments the transfer worked to our expectations. Today it is described as the best transfer on the mine site.




New Developments in Transfer Chute Design




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