Coal silo inside building

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Coal silo with less then 3% coal dust (anthracite) left on 90 micron sieve. This coal is used for firing cement furnace. Silo is 3600mm in diameter and 7500 high (vertical silo with L/D=2,08). Lower conical part is 4500mm high and upper cylindrical is 3000mm high. Below is a weighing system for dosage. Silo is inside the building which is 17m high. Building is not fully enclosed but has walls 6,5m above the ground. The upper part is opened to the atmosphere. Highest point of the silo with the accompanied support structure is 13m. Any suggestions regarding deflagration venting? Beneath the roof is crane so vertical duct is not possible. Ducting is only possible on one side and the duct length would be 9m. What about venting inside the building? Does this mean that the crane and the lighting should be EX proofed? What about venting inside and using flame arrestors and dust collectors?

What is Kst for anthracite? Actually it si more like steinkohle (stone coal) in German but I thought I could use value for anthracite as worst case scenario.

I would really appreciate any help on this one.


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Originally posted by curkovic

What is Kst for anthracite?

Get a a sample of your coal dust and have it tested, much more reliable than a choosing one from a book or reference on the net.


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thank you for the suggestion designer, but the problem is I am in Croatia and there is no facility that can do such thing. but the theoretical question arises, what is the highest Kst value for any known coal? I red somewhere Kst=208 for anthracite. Is it possible to use this value in my case?

And do you have any suggestion about side deflagration ducting. Since the pressure wave travels along the vertical axis and causes the highest pressure at the ends we know that the best deflagration would be in the direction of pressure wave propagation meaning at the top of the silo. Can you comment this please?

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Do the simple thing and take the vertical walls off where possible and thereby increase the dilution of combustable air and reduce the possibilty of a static electricity explosion

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