World Congress on Particle Technology

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World Congress on Particle Technology

July 21 - 25

Sydney, Australia

The technical program will run for four full days from Monday July 22 to Thursday July 26. The program consists of plenary lectures, research oral presentations, research poster presentations, and tutorial sessions on "Getting Started in Particle Technology".

Each morning will begin with a plenary lecture. The four plenary lecturers cover both industrial and academic perspectives on future developments in particle technology. All four are excellent speakers and the plenary sessions should be a highlight of the program.

Research oral presentations will be 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions. Both oral and poster presentation sessions will be organised to maximise discussion and debate. The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre provides wonderful facilities for all presentations.

The conference covers all aspects of Particle Technology. We have divided the conference into four main themes:

· Particle and Bulk Solids Characterisation

· Particle Design and New Technologies

· Powder Handling and Multiphase Flow

· Solid-Fluid Separation

Each theme is further divided into a number of topic area

If you have a query relating to a topic area, please contact the appropriate Co-ordinator.

Topic AreaCo-ordinator: Rose Amal

1. Particle and Bulk Powder Characterisation

*Particle characterisation

*On-line and in-line measurement

*Particle Mechanics and tribology

*Particle-particle interactions

*Bulk powder mechanics

*Slurry rheology

*Soft solids characterisation

Topic AreaCo-ordinator: Jim Litster

2. Particle Design, New Technologies and Industrial Applications

*Crystallisation and precipitation


*Agglomeration and granulation

*Comminution, attrition and erosion

*Aerosol processes (including spray drying)

*Nanoparticle technology and nanostructured materials

*New products and technologies

*Particle Design for the Life Sciences

*Particle coating

*Control of Particulate Processes

Topic AreaCo-ordinator: Martin Rhodes

3. Powder Handling and Multi-phase Flow

*Fluidisation and CFB's

*CFD and DEM modelling of fluid-particle systems

*Bulk solids (hoppers, feeding, weighing)

*Multi-phase flows (conveying, standpipes, non-mechanical valves)

*Fluid-particle reaction

*Dynamics of granular flows (mixing, segregation, flow)

*Dust Explosions

Topic AreaCo-ordinator: Goetz Bickert

4. Solid-Fluid Separation Processes

*Membrane Separation

*Solid/Liquid Filtration

*Centrifugal separation


*Gravity Settling, Clarification and Thickening

*Solid/Liquid Separation Industry

*Solid/Liquid Separation in Mineral Processing Industry

*Air and Gas Cleaning

*Pre and post-treatment

*Combination of Fluid Separation and other operations

*Simulation (CFD and DEM) of solid-fluid separation

5. Education and Other



We expect between 400 and 500 research presentation at the conference running in four parrallel streams each day.

Research papers will be fully peer reviewed and presented as an electronic proceedings. Details of the technical program will be available after review of the research abstracts.

"Getting Started in Particle Technology" will be a series of invited overviews of different aspects of Particle Technology by international experts in the field. These tutorials are designed for practitioners that are new to the field or wish brush up on their knowledge in a particular area. They will provide a quick and easy way to get up to speed in an area of interest.

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