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On April 23, 24 and 25 the 3rd edition of the professional fair SOLIDS, Processing & Handling 2002 will be held at the Antwerp Bouwcentrum. This fair has now become a stock event among fairs in Belgium. SOLIDS 2002 can boast the very top actors in solids processing and handling in the Benelux, as is readily shown by a quick glance at the exhibition program : companies will offer their products and services in transport systems, weighing devices, storage and packing, mixing, dosing and grinding, measurement and control equipment, security, dust protection, etc.

Most large industrial fairs at this very moment have to face a decrease in their numbers of visitors. Within many companies, especially decision makers see lesser possibilities to spend a whole day in paying a visit to a trade fair. Efficiency and transparency are the qualities a modern manager is looking for in his commercial contacts. And it is quite often in this respect that the larger horizontally developed trade fairs have less to offer than their smaller and more specialized counterparts.

Thorex nv, SOLIDS2002's organizers, for their part content themselves with organizing trade fairs within well delimited segments of industry. Fairs by the names of MoCon (Factory Automation), EmPak (packing) and Transport & Logistics have been able, in a few years' time, to become well established events on the exhibitions and fairs' calendar. These fairs, one of which is SOLIDS, Processing & Handling, are valued by exhibitors and visitors alike for their clear and efficient disposition and arrangement. A short visit, requiring not too many efforts in the way of preparation, will do for establishing the right contacts.

On the fair calendar, SOLIDS2002 has been moved to the beginning of the year. This means that the Antwerp fair alternates with the Utrecht one, making for a perfect interaction between Belgian and Dutch markets. Indeed, almost 15 % of visitors to the Antwerp fair hail from the Netherlands, while in addition Antwerp offers the advantage of attracting many French speaking visitors from Brussels and the Walloon region.

Within the number of exhibitors participating in the 2002 edition, it is a striking feature that the representation of 2 particular categories has seen a remarkable increase. In the first of these categories are transport systems, and especially conveyors. Developments regarding these systems are mainly toward closed equipment, that substantially reduces loss of products and drastically limits the number of dust particles emitted into the ambient air. In fact, environment considerations have become an important factor indeed. Dust removal systems are the second component at SOLIDS2002 claiming a higher degree of attention than used to be the case. Emission of dust particles, i.a. in production processes and waste gases, is by current legislation limited to a strict minimum. Dust protection technology must be able to continually comply with legal requirements. The importance of these systems is therefore prominently stressed at the fair.

A detailed survey of the exhibition program includes ...

SOLIDS2002 will be open from Tuesday April 23 thru Thursday April 25. Entrance will be free for professionals of the trade.

SOLIDS Processing & Handling 2002

23 – 24 – 25 April 2002

Bouwcentrum Antwerp (Belgium)

Opening hours: Tuesday 23 April: 10.00h – 18.00h

Wednesday 24 April: 12.00h – 20.00h

Thursday 25 April: 10.00h – 18.00h

Organisation : Thorex nv

Tel. : +32 (0) 3 385 05 24

Fax : +32 (0) 3 385 12 48

e-mail :

website :

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