Particle Technology Course

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Getting Started in Particle Technology 3-6 March 2008

Weetwood Hall Hotel

Leeds, U.K.

About the course

Powder Research Ltd. has now teamed up with ParticlesCIC of Leeds University to present a completely revised version of this long-running, highly regarded course.

Particle processing is of fundamental importance to manufacturing in process industries. More than 70% of products are either sold in the form of powders or pass through a powder stage in their manufacture. Some examples include the personal products, pharmaceutical, chemical, fuels, mineral, nuclear and metal industries.

The importance of understanding powder technology cannot be over emphasized. A basic understanding of the technology of powders can minimize powder handling and processing problems and assist industrial scientists and engineers to improve existing operations.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course you will have understanding of:

1.A broad understanding of the fundamentals of particle technology including nanotechnology

2.Knowledge of working in a particle characterisation laboratory

Course Description

See for detailed programme

The aim of the course is to provide an extensive overview of the fundamentals of particle technology with the emphasis on concepts and practical problems. The programme is given by specialists who are actively engaged in various areas of particle technology. Though the short course is intensive, there will be adequate time for delegates to meet lecturers and interact informally. The course will be accompanied by a course book and supplementary notes.

The course is intended for those who have recently become engaged or are already working with the handling or processing of powders that have a good understanding of chemical engineering processes. This includes chemists, physicists, pharmacists, mechanical and chemical engineers in the pharmaceutical, food processing, nuclear, chemical, oil, mineral processing, quarrying, detergent and related industries.

Course venue: Weetwood Hall hotel, Leeds

Contact Information

For general information contact Prof D. Geldart at

To register for the course; contact Dr. Lyn Daintree of ParticlesCIC at

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