PARTEC 2013: Call for Papers

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April 2012

PARTEC 2013: Call for papers has begun

International Congress on Particle Technology

• Largest international conference for particle and powder technology will be held in Nuremberg, Germany

• Call for papers: abstract submission until June 15, 2012

• Chairman: Prof. J. P. K. Seville, University of Surrey

• Fusion of science and industry: PARTEC, the exhibitions POWTECH and TechnoPharm will take place concurrently

PARTEC 2013, one of the largest international conferences devoted to all aspects of particle and powder technology, will again be held at NürnbergMesse. The conference will run from April 2325, 2013, in parallel with the POWTECH and TechnoPharm trade fairs. The Executive Committee, led by Chairman Prof. Jonathan P. K. Seville, is calling for interesting papers on particle formation, particle characterization, measurement methods and equipment, processes, and applications for particles of any kind or size. Aerosols and nanotechnology will be addressed as well as food, coatings, personal care products, and other subjects. The deadline for abstract submission is June 15, 2012.

Daily life as we know it would not be possible without particles: They are the small-sized basis of many chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings, ceramic, and food products. And they are the mini building-blocks of the future: Particles enable the development of multifunctional materials with innovative properties. PARTEC 2013 will once again be the forum for the greatest minds in this area of science and industry.

Until June 15, 2012, PARTEC welcomes contributions from researchers in universities, industrial companies, and other centers for the study of particles. Industry-specific and application-oriented contributions are welcome. No limit is given on the size of the particles considered. Contributions on nanoparticles and their applications are strongly encouraged.

Abstracts can be submitted at:

Submissions about the following topics are welcome:

1. Formation and synthesis of particles by crystallization, other forms of precipitation and other methods

2. Formulation and performance of particulate products

3. Characterisation of the properties of particles, including size, shape, surface area, pore structure and strength of particles and agglomerates

4. Aerosols, their formation, properties and applications

5. Interaction of particles with fluids and suspension rheology

6. Flow of particles in dense and lean suspensions; other forms of multiphase flow

7. Contact mechanics of particle interaction; particle adhesion and cohesion

8. Processing and modification of particles by, for example, agglomeration, coating, comminution and attrition

9. Handling and processing operations such as slurry flow, fluidization and pneumatic conveying

10. Equipment design for all of the above

11. Interactions between particles and their environment, including delivery of particulate products to the environment and to the body, and effects on health

12. Applications of particle technology in the production of products such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, electronics and sensors, pigments, minerals, and structural, and functional materials, and in environmental and energy-related industries

13. Environmental effects such as atmospheric pollution, pyroclastic flows and accidental emissions

14. Modelling and simulation techniques applied to all of the above, including CFD for multiphase flow, Lattice-Boltzmann, Discrete Element Methods (DEM), Molecular Dynamics, Population Dynamics and Flow Sheeting

15. Economics of product development, supply chain issues

A Chairman with many high-profile roles

PARTEC will be held under the chairmanship of the distinguished particle expert Prof. Jonathan P. K. Seville, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey, U.K. This Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers established the U.K.’s first research center in formulation engineering (awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2011). He leads the PARTEC Executive Committee consisting of Prof. Y. Ding from the University of Leeds, U.K., Prof. A. Salman, University of Sheffield, U.K., and Prof. C.-Y. Wu, University of Birmingham, U.K.

PARTEC, POWTECH and TechnoPharm: Particles and more

PARTEC 2013 will take place simultaneously with POWTECH 2013, the world’s leading exhibition of mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation, and TechnoPharm 2013, the international trade fair for life-science process technologies, at NürnbergMesse. Preparations for the trade fairs have already begun. Application documents and more information can be found online. A current list of exhibitors is available at: and

Seventy percent of the POWTECH and TechnoPharm exhibition space has already been rented. “We are very pleased about our exhibitors’ early decision for the POWTECH, and regard this as a special token of trust”, says Willy Viethen, Director Exhibitions at NürnbergMesse. “And I am sure we will still be able to find favorable booth locations for exhibitors who contact the exhibition team now.”

More information can be found at:, and


PARTEC is organized by NürnbergMesse and is supported by VDI, AIChE, APV, and many other associations. The last PARTEC Congress in 2007 brought together 700 particle technology specialists and well-known scientists and engineers from all over the world – with an international attendance of 52 percent. Established in 1975, PARTEC is one of the longest-running conferences on particles anywhere in the world.

Abstract and registration management:

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