Heat resistant airslide fabric

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i am doing my final project in cooperation with a power plant in Denmark, where my task is to construct a new conveyer system for the fly ash. the existing sytem is a vacuum system that is weared off. my suggestion is to replace the worn system with an airslide system. the only problem is that i can´t find any airslide fabric that is resistant to >350 degrees celcius.

can you help me?

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Re: Heat Resistant Airslide Fabric

Posted on 1. Feb. 2007 - 11:52

An airslide is essentially a long thin fluid bed processor. Try looking for high temperature fluid bed systems and see what they use as their membrane. I would guess it may be adirectionally punched perforated plate.

Check pressure drops, etc. to make sure that you don't need a higher gas flow to keep even distribution over the full bed area if you do go for something different to the conventional fabric type membrane.

Re: Heat Resistant Airslide Fabric

Posted on 1. Feb. 2007 - 12:13

Use a chain conveyor system. 350 deg C wouldn't worry that.

Re: Heat Resistant Airslide Fabric

Posted on 6. Feb. 2007 - 03:01

For that temperature. the air slide media would be a stainless steel mesh. One specific type is sold under the trade name of DYNAPORE. If you do an internet search, you should find a supplier in Europe.

Re: Heat Resistant Airslide Fabric

Posted on 6. Feb. 2007 - 05:01

Thank you for the replies. as you can see, its the first time i´ve used this forum, but sure not the last.

by the way i managed to discover fabrics on my own made from woven fiberglass(max 850 C) and woven kevlar (max 475 C), but the permeable stainless steel fabric is a plausible solution as well.

please don´t stop reply on this subject. good suggestions is appreciated.

Re: Heat Resistant Airslide Fabric

Posted on 15. Feb. 2007 - 03:41

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Re: Heat Resistant Airslide Fabric

Posted on 16. Oct. 2009 - 10:07

Hi Sir

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