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Lakewood, CO, USA, July 13, 2012: Applied DEM, a subsidiary of Overland Conveyor Co., Inc., an international consulting engineering firm, has released version 12 of Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ Version 12 is decidedly the most important release of these programs to date; offering many enhancements including new components, additions to material characteristics, a material library, a motion characterization tool, post processor improvements, canned particle analyses, and support for multiple materials.

Version 12 offers two new components to a Bulk Flow Analyst™ project, Particle Blocks and Portals. Particle Blocks instantly insert large numbers of particles at the beginning of a simulation. These are useful for the analysis of loaded vessels such as hoppers, silos, and railcars.

Portals define a gateway in space through which particles may pass. Particle Motion Analyst (PMA) is a program that analyzes the particle data for a user, such as the locations and speeds of individual particles. A new analysis within PMA uses portals to generate data from the flow stream passing through the portal. PMA now also includes an angle of repose analysis, a grid analysis, and a mixing analysis.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition are bulk material flow simulation tools designed by engineers for engineers. Version 12 further differentiates the Applied DEM line of DEM products as powerful, yet easy to learn and easy to use applications for engineers that have work to get done.

All licensed users with current maintenance agreements can install this upgrade for free and fully functional trial versions are available on request.


Applied DEM develops and markets Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition applications in the US and abroad using a network of value-added resellers. Based upon the Discrete Element Method (DEM), Bulk Flow Analyst™ and the Chute Edition are used worldwide to identify and solve bulk material flow issues.

Overland Conveyor Co. consults and provides technical services on the largest, most complex belt conveyor applications around the world. All software products are used by Overland Conveyor engineers in their consulting work and are thoroughly validated on real projects prior to release.

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