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Lakewood, CO, USA, July 18, 2011 - Applied DEM, a subsidiary of Overland Conveyor Co., Inc., an international consulting engineering firm has released version 11 of Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ version Version 11 is decidedly the most important release of these programs to date; offering many enhancements including 3D geometry import, in-depth access to particle data and streamlined access to boundary forces.

Version 11 now offers integration with virtually every CAD system by importing 3D CAD data via STEP, IGES, DXF and DWG formats using an optional 3D interface known as the BFA Modeler. Particle Motion Analyst (PMA), a new application shipping with Version 11, allows users detailed access to particle data. The results from PMA can be focused upon a volume, a time-frame, and/or particle speed, and the output is formatted for further analysis. Force Plotter has been replaced by Force Analyst, offering users greater flexibility and control over the display of force results.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition are bulk material flow simulation tools designed by engineers for engineers. Version 11 further differentiates the Applied DEM line of DEM products as powerful, yet easy to learn and easy to use applications for engineers that have work to get done.

All licensed users with current maintenance agreements can install this upgrade for free and fully functional trial versions are available on request.

Applied DEM develops and markets Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Bulk Flow Analyst™ Chute Edition applications in the US and abroad using a network of value-added resellers. Based upon the Discrete Element Method (DEM), Bulk Flow Analyst™ and the Chute Edition are used worldwide to identify and solve bulk material flow issues.

Overland Conveyor Co. consults and provides technical services on the largest, most complex belt conveyor applications around the world. All software products are used by Overland Conveyor engineers in their consulting work and are thoroughly validated on real projects prior to release.

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I use BFA 11 almost daily and find it very user friendly and easy to learn. Their tech support is great too. I call on them many times to help me out and usually get a reply the same day. I can't say the same for a previous package I was using.

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