How to Use Ca(OH)2 Mixing & Dedusting?

Posted in: , on 10. May. 2011 - 01:13

Dear Bulk specialists,

When mixing CaC2 with we get Ca(OH)2. We are interested in the opportunity to use this product in different building materials - gipsum fillers, mortars, coatings ets.

We have not experience in this field and any help is appreciated.

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Re: How To Use Ca(Oh)2 Mixing & Dedusting?

Posted on 10. May. 2011 - 12:20

Mixing calcium carbide with water will give you calcium hydroxide and acetylene. I assume you are using acetylene for some process and calcium hydroxide is a by product. If you react the Hydrated lime with SOx you will get calcium sulphate or gypsum. I think you are looking in the wrong forums to give you process advice.