Design & Selection of Bag Filters

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Bag Filter Basics , design , selection , thumb rule

Dear All seniors

I have gone through all threads & various internet sites . In spite of that i am not able to say that i know about nuisance bag filters (process bag filters will be dealt separately). Can anyone please let me know the right sequence to master on this topic (for cement plants)? My aims are as follows:

1.Understand Brief operation philosophy

2.Various type of bag filters. Individual merits & demerits

3.Their size selection

4.Thumb rule & spread sheets for calculations

5.Calculating venting volume at each type of duct generation point

6.Calculation of duct diameters, branching

7. Preparation of venting drawings with hoods (do’s & don’t)

8.Pressure losses in ducting

9.Their Fan sizing (Vol & pressure)

10. Any other , if left above

Being the beginners in cement industry, I want to do mastery in various topics (shall e-mail in respective thread) out of which nuisance bag filter is one of them. Please advice / reply point wise. (You may provide various links to understand each topic in detail)

I understand ACGIH, dust collector manual, available, but I have not much money to buy them. If anyone have or having other literature, spreadsheets, please mention them here.

Looking forward

Bag Filiters

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Dear Anonymous,

The right place to start is with ACGIH Manual. Buy a second Hand copy at Amazon.

If you have a specific problem, get quotations from bagfilter suppliers. That is a good way to learn.

It takes a long time to become an expert by self-study.

Michael Reid.

Bag Filiters

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I agree with Mike, reading the ACGIH manual would be a good place to start. The bag filter manufacturer will be happy to shed some light on any problems or any question that you might encounter on the planning stage.