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Techno Fysica is a consultant engineering bureau, aimed at problem solving and failure analysis on all type mechanical constructions and structures, but highly specialized in solving problems related to dymamic loading and vibrations.

We perform:

• Measurements of all type of mechanical parameters such as vibrations, accelerations, displacement, deformations, pressure (static and dynamic) noise, power/torque, temperature, strain/stress and much more.

• Calculations with respect of prediction of vibration behavior. Examples are torsional vibration calculations, lateral vibration calculations alignment calculation and both static and dynamic finite element calculations.

• Metallurgical failure analysis

• Condition monitoring measurements, both on site or online

• Engineering

• Design, fabrication and installation of mooring system

• Sea trials.

In addition to problem solving, we design, fabricate and performance maintenance on all kinds of load measuring equipment for all kinds of load cells and virtually all loads.

We are highly specialized in designing load monitoring equipment and installations for offshore and dredging applications.

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