Supply the product on Bulk like coal, Cement, Urea, Petroleum, Sugar, Soybean

Posted in: , on 22. Dec. 2007 - 05:25

Like the Topic, we are Official Agent in China and Hongkong of many seller to supply the product on Bulk like Coal- 5300-6300KCAL/kg, Cement-32.5/42.5/52.5/oil well cement/white cement/ special cement/maritime cement/FOB/CIF/CNF/DAF/DDU, Urea N46 prilled/granule, Petroleum-Rebco/M100/CST 180 n CST 380/D2/Jet Fuel54, Sugar-Icumsa 45, Soybean-oil/powder, Crude Palm Oil. Attention, Dont waste time on these internet brore and they is not serious. same us, a lot broker work under us. and we want only work with serious broker, buyer and we are rigorous on each demand.

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