Seals Prevent Shaft Damage In Abrasive Processes

K. Mann
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MECO Shaft Seals are custom-engineered for conveyors, mixers, dryers and other rotating bulk solids processing equipment. MECO seals can withstand industry’s most abrasive products, including sugar, porcelain, starch, gypsum, talc, silica, salt-–even industrial diamonds.

MECO’s patented seal designs are based on the use of a driving elastomer, which wraps around and grips the shaft, both protecting the shaft from abrasion damage and blocking product migration along the shaft. The elastomer turns with the shaft and drives internal, sacrificial rotors to turn against stator plates, forming the seal interface. No relative movement takes place between the shaft and any of the rotating seal components, so all wear is limited to the seal interfaces between rotors and stators. Since the self-compensating driving elastomer is the seal’s only interface with the shaft, MECO seals accommodate significant radial shaft misalignment and shock loads, as well as thermal growth in high-temperature process machinery. Seals will not fret or undercut the shaft. MECO incorporates 6mm of total runout/misalignment capacity into its seal designs, so even bent shafts present no problem.

MECO seals are available fully-split, so that they can be retrofitted easily without removal of bearing or drive.


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