The „Retsch Mill“- Patented 80 Years Ago

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Exactly 80 years ago, Mr. F. Kurt Retsch, founder of the company RETSCH, applied for his first patent for a grinding instrument – a mortar grinder which became known world-wide as the “Retsch Mill”.

Until 1923 the general practice in laboratories, pharmacies and scientific institutions was to grind material with the help of heavy hand mortars. This was not only tiring but it also took a lot of time to produce the desired fineness. Thanks to Mr. Retsch’s development of the first mechanical mortar mill, the grinding process could be carried out not only faster but also with less physical effort. This innovation laid the foundation to Retsch’s international reputation in research and development.

Since then, the “Retsch Mill” has been substantially enhanced and perfected. The current model RM 100 sets new standards with respect to performance, operator convenience and safety. Retsch mortar grinders are suitable for the comminution of products such as chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, silicates and cement clinker. They mix and homogenize powders, suspensions and pastes and are ideal for the even trituration of homeopathic and pharmaceutical products.

Retsch is a global company dedicated to providing novel technologies and high quality tools for the sample preparation of solids used in R&D and QA applications as well as small scale production. For more information about Retsch’s complete product line of mills and grinders, sample dividers, sieve shakers and test sieves, please visit:


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