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HECHT Technologie GmbH

ProClean Conveyor PCC

The HECHT ProClean Conveyor (PCC) is intended for the safe & gentle conveying of powders and granules in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Due to a filter head that is free of connections, it can totally focus on the conveying of the product and, by means of optional extensions, make your system still more efficient.

Advantages at a glance:


•High flow rate particularly at shorter conveying distances.

•A sight glass permits optimal setting of your operating parameters.

•Fewer and easy filter replacements for fewer interruptions of production.

•Permanent conveying with double filter is possible.

Quality and safety

•We test the conveyability of your products before you buy the PCC .

•The ProClean® concept protects the health of your staff.

•We comply with your safety and quality standards.

•Benefit from the know-how of our staff.


•Different filters adapted to your products.

•Add small quantities without much effort.

•From dilute-phase to plug conveying – it‘s your choice.

•Easy integration into existing systems


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ProClean Conveyor PCC

Endless liner filling head

Due to a special folding method a liner package with up to 50 m (special type with 80 m) of liner can be provided, centrically to the product outlet. The liner is pulled from the stock, flattened out against the inner side of the drum, inflated slightly and then filled with product. During normal operation the filling is contamination-free. No crosscontamination occurs. The changing of the liner stock is contamination-free.

The liner stock is reusable. The liner is available as a folded package with antistatic material characteristics and FDA certificate or as electrically conductive black liner.


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Endless liner filling head


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Small charge filling station

Sack discharging RVS

The sack discharging station RVS supports the dicharging process.

Integrated vibrating sieve for separation of contaminants (e.g. packaging residues).

Contaminants can be immediately removed using a sieve located at the top. Disolution of small lumps.

Particularly suitable in the case of frequent product changes and hygienic requirements. Easy-to-clean due to foldable construction and fast sieve exchange without tools.

Integration of a suction shoe for pneumatic conveying as an option.


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Sack discharging unit RVS



• Description:

Connection system with integrated dedusting unit for FIBC discharge (no separate filter required)

• FIBCs: with or without inner liner

• AGW / OEL: 100 – 5.000 µg/m

• Products: Nonhazardous

• Design: Industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Technical features and particularities

• Space and cost saving as no external filter is required

• No product loss or product carryover

• Two-hand lever mechanism avoids risk of crushing

• Exchangeable inner tube for different FIBC outlets (optional)


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AAS-EF integrated in Big Bag Emptying Station

New Products from HECHT

Containment-Drum Emptying Station CFE-K

• For discharging of drums with inner liner in a low contamination way

• The drum is set into position with a lift truck

• Docking device at the back of the isolator

• Lid of the docking opening with foldable cover plate

• Product flow can be observed

• Product handling with gloves

• Up to OEB 5


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Containment-Drum Emptying Station CFE-L

• Generous dimensioned sight glass with gloves (ambidextrous portable, FDA-conform)

• Lights for a better view while handling the product

• Double-O-Ring-Port with counter ring and pneumatic seal for a safe connection of the drum inliners

• Roller conveyor allows for an easy transport of drums from pallet to the discharge position

• A lateral connection port allows the transfer of tools and product samples, even if the drum is connected

• For discharging of drums with highly active substances (up to OEB 5)

• Simple docking of drums to static seal at isolator with automatic lifting device

• Simple operation of suction lance with integrated linear guide, optional with automatic drive.

• Free view for the operator to inside with window to watch and control product flow

• Safe operation via gloves

• Possibility to inert the complete system with N

• The complete system has a compatibility to solvents


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