German BMH Manufacturer for Sale

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Should you be interested in buying a medium-sized German bulk materials handling equipment manufacturer specializing in

Emptying and Filling Sacks, BigBags, Barrels, Containers

Discharging and Stacking Pallets

Belt conveyors for bags and granulates

Bag elevators (ascending conveyors)

Pallet lifting and tilting device for manual depalletizing

Roller conveyers and chain for bags and pallets

Dedusting filter in pocket and cartridge design

Loading head filter (integrated into the filling section)

Dosing and discharging screw chutes

Dosing and discharging screw conveyors

Vibrating screen devices

Solid matter slide

Lump breaker

Milling devices for bags and big bags

Vibrating tables (for the big-bag filling stations)

Suction apparatus to empty inliners of big bags and oktabins

Shredder for packaging waste

Controls, etc.

then please contact:

Dr. Reinhard Wohlbier

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