Dry desulfurization technology supply(CFB-FGD)

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Fujian Longking Co.,Ltd. (hereunder Longking), the first listed company (stock code: 600388) in the industry of flue gas cleaning for China.

Since its establishment in 1971, Longking has being devoted to air pollution treatment. It has introduced the CFB(Circulating fuildized bed)-FGD(Flue gas desulfurization) and Wet FGD technologies, Mechanical Tumbling Hammer Rapping Model Electrostatic Precipitators, Low Pressure Pulse Jet Fabric Filter (LPPJFF) from LLAG, Germany; and Top Electromagnetic Impact Rapping Model Electrostatic Precipitators technologies from GE, USA; together with pneumatic conveying technologies from Australia.

Our core products scope from FGD and pneumatic conveying as well as DeNOx equipment, ESP, fabric filter, IPC system for ESP, Micro-Processor Control Transformer to Micro-Processor LV /HV Control systems, most of which are awarded by the State and provincial government for more than 60 items. Longking is leading the way in technology research at home.

For the purpose of boosting CFB FGD technology introduced from LLAG, Germany in October, 2001, Longking registers the FGD Division as Fujian Longking Desulphurization & Denitration Engineering Co.,Ltd, which is specialized in CFB-FGD technology marketing and application, and have finished many EPC(Engineering,Procurement and Construction)projects of CFB-FGD; whereas another company registered in Shanghai, namely Shanghai Longking Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd, dealing in Wet FGD technology

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