Clay brick machine

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we,SINGSINO GROUP LTD, is one of the leading manufacturers in brick making field in China. We can supply set sintered brick product line, including the test of material, the design of brick factory, the guide of installation and operation and so on. There are different production capacityies according to your requirements: 30million, 60million and even more such as 120 million pieces per year. We are the biggest supplier, and have set up a lot of product lines in China.

this equipment was made according to German GFK standards and through checking by Germant expert ,use Germany GFK as their trademark ,all products attained the high reputaiton both in home and abroad .



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sincerely ®ards Daisy lee SINGSINO GROUP LTD

The Whole Brick Production Line

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Established in 1970, Shuangyashan Oriental Wall Material Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the manufacture of large-scale whole set brick making equipment and facing bricks, we provide a series of service named "Turn key job" which includes raw material analyzing, technique designing, kiln building, and brick making equipment manufacturing. At the same time, we provide high quality decorative bricks.

Our company is famous for our completely brick making plant in China. We have built 287 brick product lines in China, and export the brick making machines to South Africa, Romania, Libya and Russia. Our company also exports facing bricks mainly to Mongolia, Russia and Australia. These achievements are all based on more than 30 years experience in marketing, manufacturing and absorbing the advanced technique from abroad.

We can offer the advanced automatic solution to users and the best solution according to users' investment too. One thing we need to emphasize is that we aim to develop new materials to produce the bricks.

With a staff of 860 employees, our annual sales value reaches about USD14 million, and we get the AAA bank credit. Our company has six subsidiary companies including Beijing Oriental New Wall Material Institute, Shuangyashan Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd., Beijing Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd, Shuangyashan Gangue Hollow Brick Plant, Shuangyashan Changsheng Pulverized Fuel Ash Hollow Brick Plant and Beijing Longquan Facing Brick Factory.

The main products of our company:

1) The whole set of brick making equipment:

---Raw materials treating equipment: purifying machines, mutual roller machines, disintegrators, collergangs, vacuum mud machines

---Shaping equipment: JZK series vacuum brick-squeezing machines, automatic slit cutting machines, and automatic brick cutting machines

---Automatic shelf loading/unloading system, turning, loading and transporting equipment

---Bricks placing machines

---Kiln car operate and automatic control system

2) Kiln and stove manufacturing:

---Dry kilns

---Tunnel kilns and annular kilns

3) Facing bricks:

---Square bricks

---Supporting bricks

---Thin slice supporting bricks:

4) Ordinary supporting bricks, non-supporting bricks


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hi could you send me some more information.